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8 Money-Making Holiday Promos

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

By Maureen Edwards, Founder of 8 Simple Steps

As you prepare for the holiday rush and your last quarter to finish 2021 strong, I compiled the top promotions that have the highest results to add that extra holiday cheer to thank your loyal customers, acquire new ones, and push sales over the edge and exceed your goals.

The key to maximizing the ROI of these is to not offer too many, both for budgetary reasons and for impact.

Too many will cost you too much money and make them lose their specialness.

Here are a few to try if you have a product-based business:

  • A sneak preview of your new products before it goes public (better yet, put them on pre-sale)

  • A secret sale (just for loyal customers)

  • A free gift with purchase (can also be a gift certificate/discount on their next purchase to increase return sales)

  • Free gift wrapping

  • "12 Days of Christmas" countdown sale (highlight a discount each day)

  • Extended return policy

  • Digital & in-store gift certificates (Shoppers love them, and it can mean more sales for you in the New Year. Recipients often spend more than the value on the gift certificate when they cash it in)

  • Free shipping (Although this is a hit all year long, and I highly encourage it, there is a caveat this year I want to alert you to. Please double-check the prices of what this will cost before you offer it. Higher gas prices and increased postal costs, as well as slow postal delivery, may make this less attractive for everyone)

For those of you with a service-based business, you too can get in on the holiday spirit. Here are a few ideas:

  • End-of-Year incentives (client discounts if proposals are signed by end of 2021)

  • Bundle packages (3 coaching sessions or courses for the price of 2)

  • Free gift with purchase (i.e., free 2-week social media package with any website design package)

  • Digital & in-store gift certificates (someone may want to gift a new entrepreneur 3 months of book-keeping services, a logo design, or a business coach)

Happy selling and here's to nailing Q4. Wishing all of you an amazing close to the year.

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