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OnTrack to Victory: Stinberg Bissainthe, Founder of CRE Movers

Starting a Moving Business

Stinberg Bissainthe is an entrepreneur and the owner of CRE Movers, a Miami-based residential and commercial moving service. With helpful guidance from the Community Fund of North Miami Dade Business Development Specialist Marcela Llinás, Stinberg applied and was approved for a small business loan through the OnTrack Miami Gardens Business Loan Program.

Starting a Business without a Moving Truck

He established CRE Movers in January 2019 after conducting extensive research about the moving services industry. His initial challenges were not owning a moving truck and a lack of marketing. "I had to rent trucks from Enterprise and Budget," said Stinberg. During his first business year, he used Craigslist and client references to generate sales. However, by September, Stinberg began using Yelp to enhance his customer base.

Navigating the Pandemic

Surprisingly, the economic shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic did not have an adverse effect on his moving business. "The pandemic did not stop moving businesses," said Stinberg. However, although his clients still needed moving services, he found it difficult to find staff who would come to work. "2020 was a really rough year for me because some of my workers did not want to come to work because of the pandemic," he said.

Despite staffing challenges, Stinberg continued operating his business which was gaining increased sales after he started to market it on Google. The new business he generated through Google allowed him to purchase his first moving truck in 2021.

Applying for a Small Business Loan

By the end of the year, Stinberg needed to purchase equipment and an additional moving truck. That's when he started researching various small business loans. After contacting a representative at SBDC at Florida International University about a small business loan program, Stinberg was introduced to Marcela Llinás who helped him create a profit/loss statement using the Quickbooks software as part of his loan application. He was approved for a small business loan in November 2022 and used the funds to purchase equipment and a second moving truck.

Moving Forward

Moving forward into 2023, Stinberg wants to expand his moving services business to include general freight delivery and storage and warehouse solutions. Stinberg advises aspiring entrepreneurs: "Do your homework and give yourself three-to-six months to understand any business truly. You do not want to start a business, and it fails because you do not understand what is happening."

Importance of Business Funding and Support

Stinberg's success with his small business is a testament to the importance of business funding and support. Without the small business loan program offered by the OnTrack Miami Gardens Business Loan Program and the guidance of Marcela Llinás, Stinberg may have struggled to purchase the necessary equipment to grow his business. The Community Fund of North Miami-Dade offers several resources to help small business owners, including which can be found on our website.

Overall, Stinberg's story shows that with hard work, determination, and the right support, small business owners can achieve their goals and overcome challenges to achieve success. Contact us today for more information.

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