we know that you want to be a growing and profitable entrepreneur...

In order to do that, you need financing and business guidance.


As a business owner, you should be able to secure the funding that works for your business and the support that helps you grow. We understand what it is like not to be able to take on that new contract or accept that big purchase order because you don’t have the funding or structure to deliver, which is why in the last two years CFNMD has loaned over $500,000 to entrepreneurs like you so they can catch their growth wave with confidence.

The Problem is...

as a new or small business owner, traditional banks don’t offer the affordable funding that you need now, which makes you feel insecure about taking on the business opportunities that come your way.




Through business training workshops, consulting, and mentoring, we work with our partners' network to support you in business planning, financial management, marketing, legal matters, and other areas key to running an efficient business operation and achieving long-term sustainability.



Through our program, businesses can apply for up to $250,000 in capital. To access our loans, we consider the nature of your business, your annual revenue and how you plan to use the funds. Unlike other lenders, your credit score is not the primary factor in eligibility.




We provide more than just access to capital, we are partners to the businesses that we serve, and offer additional layers of support and technical assistance to ensure their continued growth.